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HSG24: GenCon Survival Series - Part 4: New Attendee Q&A

May 14, 2018

We welcome Heather back to talk about how our GenCon event registration went (spoilers, it went crazy well!) and to answer all of the questions she had about the convention as this will be her first time attending GenCon. Heather is a seasoned convention attendee and helped me run events at some very large conventions in the past. Her questions are mostly centered around GenCon itself, and less about conventions in general.

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Q - packet Will Call or mail it to you?
A - Really depends on your logistics. If you're arriving off normal hours or on Wednesday, will call is great. Since tickets get sold out now the volunteers that used to manage ticket sales are now helping with Will Call. Thursday during the day will be a longer line, Saturday even worse. Will Call is open 24 hours so try to pick up your packet during off hours the night before you start your con events.

Q - What's it like getting around downtown? lots of walking?
A - City bus from the airport to Downtown, then walking a ton. going from one end to the other may take 20 minutes so pad in some travel time between events. Lyft and Gen-Con promotional pricing this year to help get around town. If you're driving in and need to park, GenCon's event registration will sell you parking passes.

Q - How early do should someone arrive to an event?
A - True Dungeon just a bit before the time prior to the event. rules are if you're a few minutes late they'll drop

Q - Dealer's room when to buy and logistics
A - post office nearby to ship by Saturday. Kinkos inside the convention center for Sunday shipping. Sunday is a good day to try for a couple deals, but popular stuff is going to be sold out long before that so think about which items you want to make sure to purchase on Thursday


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