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HSG98: Gen Con Survival Guide: Running Your Own Event [Refreshed]

December 11, 2019

Running events at Gen Con is one of the most rewarding things we do every year. Last year, we went bigger than ever and plan to grow again in 2020. This episode shares the lessons High Shelf Gaming has learned over the years to help individuals and groups of event organizers have a successful con! 

Rich and David have been running events at Gen Con and other conventions for years, so this is a blending of not only Gen Con-specific knowledge but also general convention gaming prep. We also sneak in some pro tips for players too, so if you attend Gen Con or one of the larger conventions there are some kernels of wisdom here for you.

High Shelf Gaming will run events at Gen Con. If you want to join us as a GM or play in our games, be sure to join the HSG Facebook group and Discord where we organize all those efforts. We have many independent contributors and folks from other podcasts and channels who team up to make for an awesome group of games. This all helps us pool our efforts to earn badges and hotel reimbursement from Gen Con, which is a big deal!

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