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HSG97: Gen Con Survival Guide: Housing [Refreshed]

December 4, 2019

The Gen Con Survival Guide series that launched HSG has aged a bit and changes have hit Gen Con and Indy. Meaning, we need to remake this series and update it with current tips and suggestions. 

In this episode, David and Rich talk all about housing for Gen Con. We cover the housing portal and how it behaves leading up to the con when rooms will suddenly become available. HSG discusses how to stack the odds in your favor as well as contingency plans with places like Airbnb, VRBO, and some…err creative solutions for when the portal doesn’t go well.

Episode Correction: We talk about changing and canceling rooms in the housing portal. Changing rooms is free, canceling entirely is where you get hit with a $50 fee.

Helpful links:
Gen Con housing and travel
Fans of Gen Con Facebook group (EXCELLENT RESOURCE)
Gen Con Housing Portal auto-checker (Github link, programmer-friendly resource)

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