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HSG106: Gen Con Survival Guide: PAX vs Gen Con Q&A

February 8, 2020

Riley from Pactless Patrons is a seasoned PAX conventions attendee and volunteer. They have attended 15 PAXi over the years but have never been to any other conventions. Rich and Dave field questions and dish out advice to let Riley know what they're in for. We cover a lot of topics comparing the two styles of conventions: the scope of Gen Con, the Enforcers at Pax vs Gen Con Staff, and how subtle differences create very different experiences. We also get into Gen Con's event pricing and how the assumptions Gen Con makes are very different than the assumptions PAX makes.

Riley is an excellent guest and a real pleasure to engage with and they share so much knowledge about PAX. I think we all learned a lot from each other. We hope to have them back on after Gen Con to get their thoughts and impressions.

Riley [they/them] is on twitter: @RileyGryc


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