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HSG105: Oceans by North Star Games with Bruce Voge

January 29, 2020

We had the pleasure to bring on Bruce Voge from North Star Games to talk about their latest board game, Oceans which is expected to hit stores March 23rd, 2020! Oceans is a thematic update to their popular game, Evolution, and Evolution: Climate which we reviewed not too long ago. It's important to understand that Oceans is not an expansion but a standalone game which uses some of the same concepts, in a new context and has some very important changes to the rules which make for a game with more 'come from behind' possibilities than were readily available in Evolution. 

This episode is a different format than we normally use. Rich and I start things off then hand it over to the interview which plays uninterrupted. We always love your feedback, let us know if this format is pleasant to listen to. 

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